Terezin by Ethan Paff


Today we woke up and got on a bus to a town called Terezin. Terezin is one of the most historical cities in the Czech Republic. It was first occupied and fortified by an austrio-Hungarian  King to defend its country from German invasions. This huge fort was erected and never used by the Austio-Hungarians as a fort during WW1 it was used as a prison. The most famous of those prisoners was the Serbian who shot Ferdinand the II that started WWI. During WWII it was taken over by the Nazis and used as a transitional concentration camp where Jews would be held until they could be taken to death camps like Auswitz. Terezin the town was also a Jewish getto we were able to see where people were held and also some of the ways they coped with thier situation such as music, art, and literature. After we got back to Prague we went back to the hotel got dressed and went to dinner at this really good Asian restaurant. After dinner we walked around Prague at night and it was breathtaking.

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