No Beatles Music by Kayla Saniga

 Ladá,a kid from our school that is from and lives in the Czech Republic came and visited us today. It was nice because Mrs. Tallman wasn’t with us for the soccer game so I used him as my translator for all the chants. As far as the game, Czech lost which mad me a little more mad than I expected. It was my first pro soccer game that I have ever been to so. Anyway, afterwords we all got ready for dinner and then we went up to the Tallman’s apartment and we had a little story time with the grandparents. We were able to ask them questions about what it was like to live in a communist society. We asked things like “were you scared?” Or “did you ever think about leaving?” Or even simple things like if they had chocolate or certain sweets. I found out they did not have foreign fruits like bananas or a simple thing such as toilet paper. They were restricted by what they were able to wear or what they could watch. They could only listen to certain music, and nothing could resemble the “westerners” way of living. Meaning no jeans because it was too American or no Beatles. Before all of their movies there was a news program instead of commercials. Mrs. Tallman’s father told a story about how when the tanks came in they tried everything to stop them. They would turn the signs for streets or arrows different ways so that tanks would end up going down narrow streets with dead ends and getting stuck and how they would get lost and just be driving around in circles. Her mother talked about how her and a group of close friends would gather in a secluded place like a cabin in the woods and just listen to things like the Beatles and radio stations that they weren’t able to listen to, and just be able to say bad things about the government and not be worried. They were able to talk openly and freely. I have never really known or thought about that deeply what communism actually meant. I know how bad it would be and how it must suck not being able to be yourself but I didn’t know just how many restrictions there actually were.

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