Lack of Necessities by Emily Paff

  Today we got up a little later than normal because of the Muse concert last night. When Kayla and I went down for breakfast we ran into Lad’a who joined us for the afternoon. We had planned to go to the Jewish quarter today but we didn’t have enough time to because it look to long to buy tickets for the soccer game we saw in the afternoon. While waiting to buy tickets most of us bought stuff from the pro shop. After we bought tickets we went and had lunch then headed back to the stadium to watch the game. Czech lost 2-1 but it was a really good game.  

  After the game we headed back to the hotel and said by to Lad’a. We all changed into nicer clothes and headed up to the Tallman’s room to talk with Mrs. Tallman’s parents. Her parents were born and lived most of there lives during the communist rule of what is today the Czech Republic. We had previously came up with questions to ask them and we had Mrs. Tallman translate for us since her parents don’t speak much English. We talked with them for over and hour and a half and it was one of the first times I had talked about anything like the communist rule with anyone. I haven’t talked with any of my grandparents about host hey grew up but now I definitely will. Her parents talked to us about how the communist rule of the government was structured in the way that everyone had to have a job, a place to live, and those who were caught not believing in the communist ideals. On of the main topics we talked about where the lack of certain necessities. In movies you always see how sugar and chocolate are almost impossible to get but in fact they said that you could get ahold of it fairly easily but never the high quality chocolate because it was always out for export. The also spoke about cars; you would have to apply to get a car wait probably around a year and then a lot of people would wait in line over night to pick up their car and still might not get one. The shortage of cars was mainly due to the fact that nothing came from the outside. You only could gat cars manufactured in communist countries. The most interesting shortage they talked about was the shortage of toilet paper. No one had toilet paper and they would cut up newspaper to use because that’s all they could get their hands on. Also the shortage in feminine hygiene products was so bad that you would rather just stay pregnant so you wouldn’t have to deal with it. That is just a description of maybe five minutes of our conversation but I found it so fascinating to hear what they had to go through. 
   After our conversation with Mrs. Tallman’s parents we hung out for a little while. A few of us hung out with Evžan while Mrs. Tallman gave him a bath. He is so adorable. After that we all went to dinner and had really good food at a place right down the street. Today was really interesting and made me realize how many things I take for granted. 

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