Český Krumlov Part 2 by Max Zaccone


Yesterday was spent partially in Český Krumlov and partially in Prague. After a bit of free time in the town we took the bus back to the city our trip is named for and then ate dinner there as the sun set. I will miss Český Krumlov because it was full of wonderful stores with interesting antiques for good prices and breathtaking views. It was strange settling back into the hotel rooms in Prague after having stayed somewhere different for a while. It was nice to be back in the big city with trams shortening our travel times and reducing the amount of walking. My favorite part of the last day in Český Krumlov was visiting antique stores with wide selections and one where the owner would explain the history behind each item. One difference from the US is that even though drivers have the right of way, they will often let pedestrians pass and I’ve hardly heard any of the honking typical of American traffic. Another is that store owners will not let you try on clothes for yourself, instead they pick the size best for you and give it to you, at least in the stores I went to. I learned to look out the window often and appreciate the world passing us by and to be more curious about my surroundings. I very much enjoyed our repose in the Czech countryside but I’m glad to be back in the capital city and ready for more adventures today! 

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