Slavia by Ethan Paff

Today we woke up and went to the Salvia Prague soccer stadium and bought tickets for this evenings Czech Republic  vs South Korea match. After we bought the tickets and went to the team shop we headed back to the hotel and got ready to go to lunch. We went to a restaurant in between the hotel and the stadium. After nearly an hour we got our food, I got a burger which before I even saw it I knew was probably a bad idea, it was. After lunch we headed over to the stadium for the game, our seats were great. We were high enough to where we could see the formation but close enough we could make out what was actually happening. South Korea won 2-1. After the game we all headed back to the hotel where we talked with Mrs. Tallman’s parents about Their lives throughout the Nazi occupation of Prague and also the Communist era and the events leading up to today. Her parents gave us great insight into what daily life was like and the certain aspects of life that we have today and they didn’t during those times. One thing that really stood out to me was the fact that toilet paper was not available. They also shared with us some really great stories on how they were able to cope with the things they had to deal with. After the talk we got ready and walked to this really great restaurant. I had steak, chicken and seasoned vegetables it was excellent.

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