Eye Opening by Kayla Saniga 

Okay so today once again was just a relaxing day. In the morning we went to these stairs that represent the harm and terribleness of communism in The Czech Republic. The statues of the men were kind of eye opening. You know that communism is terrible but we only ever see history of it never effects. So after that we went to the miniature eiffel tower. We climbed all the way up this really big hill. I was dead by the middle of it. There was a magical cave there with lots of cool paintings that were majestical like fairies and almost like the mythical greek gods era. When we got to the top there was a man with bubbles so of course I had to spin in them but not for as long. I grabbed a Czech hot dog too and it was almost like a giant cocktail wiener, it was rolled up in the bun. We then went into a mirror maze which I didn’t really get to figure out just because I was behind people but it was still pretty cool. After that we went and climbed to the top of the tower and got so many beautiful pictures. Of course on the way out we got gelato. Then we just went shopping. We had a good three hours to shop and eat. I don’t mind the days where we are constantly doing stuff but the low key days are nice as well. When the night started to come to an end we headed to a Muse concert. I dont really listen to Muse but I do know a few of their songs. Overall it was fun. I really liked their opener Jack Garret. He was like a rock/ skrillex/ one-man-band type of dude. He is so talented and interesting so I looked him up and he’s a new artist I listen to now.

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