BACK AT IT by Justes Kemper


Back at it again! After being MIA (Missing In Action) for one day, I am finally back to blogging! Yesterday, I could not post due to technical difficulties and maybe a bit of exhaustion. Now that I’m here though, I would like to speak about today!

We started our activities by embarking on a journey up the hill. This hike was all part of the plan to climb the “Eiffel Tower”. This is not a replica or at all like the real one, but it still contained the same beautiful overlook. The chance to view the city from such heights was breathtaking. This view was the highlight of my day, alongside with the gelato that we had when we came down from it. After all of that, we treated ourselves to lunch by the mall and a chance to go shopping. Lunch was great as always. We made our way back to the hotel, and got prepared for the evening. We couldn’t have asked for a better night! Muse was incredible, what a show it turned out to be! That concludes this night.

Signing off,

J. Anthony Kemper


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