Smart Tourist Lessons by Hannah Fogel

Today, unfortunately, was our last day in Cesky Krumlov, so we woke up bright and early determined to set out and shop, dine, and explore to our heart’s content, or at least until our three o’clock bus ride. And so, with a quick lecture on how to be a “smart tourist” and not cheated, we were off. In the spirit of not ruining my any surprises and maintaining as least the semblance of an air of mystery, I won’t reveal what I bought, but I will enthusiastically gush about everything I wanted to buy. The jewelry was beautiful, the shoes were beautiful, the purses were beautiful, and the scarves were just simply to die for. I couldn’t stop myself from looking into what seemed like every shop I passed by in wonder and awe, nor could I seem to stop saying how “pretty” everything was; I tried to use different adjectives, but it just kept slipping out. So, we shopped and shopped and exchanged some money so that we could shop some more until we finally dropped into our bus seats on the way back to Prague, exhausted but satisfied with our purchases and our experiences in the beautiful, fairytale town of Cesky Krumlov.
~ H. Marie Fogel xoxo

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