Relaxing Day by Kayla Saniga

So today was pretty uneventful, it was just a good day to go souvenir shopping. We were still in Cesky Krumlov this morning, so there were many crystal and jewelry shops and many pretty things that I was tempted to buy, but I have no room in my suitcase. We then had lunch on our own but we ended up all at Parkans. So after lunch we went on the hunt for the magical scarves everyone talks about. Me and Emily were skeptical and were like “whats all the fuss??” But then we finally found like 6 that we really liked and them a bunch that we wanted but couldn’t. After that we then proceeded to get on our 3 hour bus ride. When we got back to the city we stopped by the hotel before dinner and then went to dinner on our own again. We found a place with pretty good american food. Most of us weren’t craving anything so we went somewhere with everything. I had a burger, the other things on the order were like wings and schnitzel. That was pretty much our day. It was nice and easy going compared to most of our scheduled days lately.

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