Turning Back the Clock by Ainesh Shintre


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to step into the pages of a fairy tale?  Where the roads are paved with stones, the yee old shop signs hanging over the doors, the red roofs and streets filled with music.  The town of Česky Krumlov is a historical treasure, it’s on the UNESCO list of protected cities.  The town has been preserved to look like it did during the Medieval and Renaissance time period.  

As I was walking throughout the streets of Česky Krumlov I began to notice many things that were different from America.  The streets weren’t built for cars, you could tell by the angles and directions most roads went.  The roads are narrow, winding, full of steep inclines and declines.  This is a walking city, most transportation takes place on foot.  The style of life here was much slower, more laid back.  Live life with leisure, enjoy it.  Just spending the evening, after dinner, sitting in the town square on the fountain steps, eating gelato, talking to friends and being serenaded by the music of street performers.  You feel a sense of content and peace, “hakuna matata.”  The sights, are unbelievable, you have to step back, be quiet and just soak it in.  Soak in the atmosphere and the visible beauty of the landscape.  The architecture is stunning, many houses have the Renaissance windows and arches, it’s like you are living in the past.

We shopped, explored the night life, and visited the Česky Krumlov Castle.  From a wonderful tour guide, we were taught about the different royal families that lived here, how they came to power, their decline in power, explaining the myths and tales of the Medieval and Renaissance people.  

The nightlife was unique, the town lights up and come alive in a different way.  I am still in awe on how the Czech people live so close in the shadows of towering castles and ancient structures.  It is normal for them to walk at night and sit by the river, and gaze at the ancient castle built by past Czechs.  The past is a great source of pride for the Czech people, their past makes them who they are, and I find this very fascinating. 

Before signing off, quick update, Mr. Tallman made an amazing Bear Pun that I give a 2 on a scale of 1-2.

Nechtěl jsem objednat špagety,

Ainesh Shintre Signing Off

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