Super Schnitzel by Anne Turner

Today we travelled to Česky Krumlov. The city is historically protected so all of the buildings are just how they were years and years ago with a little exterior restoration. It was raining so we took a castle tour inside the castle. It was beautifully decorated. There were even parts decorated differently than others because they were added in different eras. I think my favorite style room was where the walls were papered with the same fabric as the furniture in the room. There was an entire family who lived in the castle obsessed with bears because they alligned themselves with a noble Italian family. Although later on it was found to be a lie the castle still has bear rugs and has real live bears in front of it!  After that we had free time and my group walked around the town and found an amazing little place for dinner with “super schnitzel” which is like regular schnitzel but giant. After dinner we looked at all the lights and I went into a jewelry store and got some moldovite jewelry. Moldovite is a precious stone only found in the Czech Republic. It’s dark mossy green with a glassy look and in its natural state pitted on the outside, which is why it’s thought to be from a meteorite that landed in what’s now the Czech Republic millions of years ago. This would explain why it’s pitted and only found here.  

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