I love Český Krumlov! by Max Zaccone

Today we rode on a luxurious bus for 3 hours to reach another gorgeous city outside of Prague. After catching up on sleep and being served hot chocolate, we arrived at a city which without the advertisements and indoor plumbing would’ve felt like traveling back in time. As soon as we arrived if began to rain, but luckily we were spared the hurricane conditions of days past. After a unnecessarily stressful but delicious lunch, we toured another fairytale castle (this has become routine somehow) and witnessed many historical relics, heard fantastic stories and explanations and got to take stunning pictures from the castle vantage point. Its beautiful tower looks down upon a picturesque red-roofed European town that recedes into the wooded hills beyond. From our rendezvous point of the column honoring plague victims in the town square we set out in small groups in search of dinner. My group ate in a restaurant with a menu including “super schnitzel” that covered the entire plate and a summary of the historical events surrounding the building. After some late night walking and pretty street music combined with one last fantastic view of the illuminated castle, we retired to our hotel rooms. 

I was thrilled to learn about the history of the castle we visited. It passed through the hands of many noble families, all of whose names ended in burg. The interior was beautifully decorated and the tour guide led us through rooms representing periods in the castle’s history. We saw beautiful coats of arms and a carriage covered in real gold, among other interesting things like a masquerade ball with walls painted to look like more guests were attending. Seeing this beautiful historical building was the highlight of my day. 

I was often unpleasantly surprised by early closings of stores I had wished to visit, but hopefully I can stop by them tomorrow. It was a good surprise to round a corner and be confronted with a view you’d see on a postcard multiple times. 

When going to get pizza for lunch we had a strange experience. There weren’t enough chairs so I had nowhere to sit for a while. Then I had no glass of water, luckily Ainesh ordered an entire liter of lemonade that he couldn’t finish. I ordered a pizza and ice cream, and I got pancakes with ice cream. My pizza had to be ordered a second time and I was the last to leave. In the meantime I had eaten the leftovers of others and by the end I was very full, trying desperately not to throw up inside a castle full of historical items in the middle of a tour. I survived, to live another day and write another blog post. Goodnight dear reader! 

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  1. Adventures of an American Turkey Vulture in Europe. Glad to hear no antiquities were harmed.

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