Healing by Justes Kemper

Wow. Nothing quite heals the pain of sore feet and a bad back like the beauty of Cesky Krumlov. Today, we journeyed to the historical city of Cesky Krumlov. This is starting to become a theme here in the Czech Republic; no matter where you go you can always find a piece of history. In this wonderful city, all the buildings, roads, bridges, are preserved or refurbished to match the historical setting. Later in the day, we visited the castle. This castle is brilliant and vibrant from the inside out. Containing fine detailing and painting in every corner, this was truly astonishing. 

However, today was not all business. We had some fun during our free time. We were able to explore shops, different types of cuisine, and the infinitely unique streets. While meeting back in the main square, we were delighted to hear live music being played. At least half the group engaged in some kind of outrageous dancing, including me. I have no way of guarenteeing you that our dance moves were good, but it sure felt right. 

At this point, it’s becoming hard to tell the days apart. This is in the best way possible, because everything we interact with has the stories of many; many days, many nights, and many people. Nothing quite compares. 

Signing off,

J. Anthony Kemper


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