More Gelato by Kayla Saniga 

Today started off with a three hour bus ride to Cesky Krumlov, I slept most of the way so I was very energized for the long day ahead. We first got lunch before going to the hotel which was more complicated than it should’ve been. Then proceeded to climb on a child’s jungle gym. We also got interrupted by rain again, but it was just a sprinkle. We then got a tour of the castle. I was amazed how much I  learned while we were there because the tour guide was really good, and funny. We saw a lot of just breathtaking views. The gardens were so symmetrical and satisfying. There was like a hedge/maze type of thing which made me really happy. After that we had some downtime before dinner. For dinner we went to eat a really nice place called Parkan and then had gelato.  I got three scoops. One was pistachio and the other two were strawberry and chocolate. They were kind of strange together but it was gelato and it cant be bad. So overall I cannot complain about another day in Czech. Oh and I fell again. I was dancing with Emily and well she spun me and it didn’t go well. So I now am going to have a poll. Who will fall next. Of everyone on the trip, the conspiracy is Karalyn but who knows, and I mean really fall not just little ones, but like big like Mrs. Leake and me.

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