Food, Rain, and Dancing by Emily Paff

Today we took a 3 hour bus ride to Český Krumlov. While getting off the bus Ethan got a random bloody nose so we had to help him deal with that. When we finished that we played on a playground where Ethan proceeded to get a rope burn on his neck from the spider web thing. We also got some pictures and went to lunch. The food was really good but the service was bad our food came out separately and she didn’t know any English so she confused many orders. After lunch we went to our hotel for the night, put our stuff down, and went on a tour of the castle which LaLu Prague had never done. We learned about the different royal families that lived there and when everything was built. It started to rain but it didn’t last long so we were able to go to the castle gardens and take pictures. After taking pictures we went back to the hotel for a little and then went our own ways for dinner. My group went to this really good place on the river and I got spinach and cheese pasta that was amazing. After dinner we went and got gelato then waited at the main square for the rest of the group. At the square we heard really good music, got asked to have our picture taken with 30 Chinese people, and Mr. Tallman got great footage of us dancing and Kayla falling. After dinner we got to explore Český Krumlov at night while we went around and took pictures of everything. This was by far my favorite part of the day because it was so beautiful and safe. 

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