Česky Krumlov Castle by Hannah Fogel

Today was very very long, but very very fun. It started out with a three-hour bus ride complete with movies, free coffee, and lip syncing to Avril Lavigne on our way to Cesky Krumlov. Cesky Krumlov at first glance looks like one of those photoshop postcard photos come to life and upon deeper inspection turns out to actually be a hundred times better. From the original cobblestone streets to the giant castle in the middle of the town, Cesky Krumlov is a magical city filled with a spirit that makes history leap right off the page. The best part of the day was taking a tour of the huge castle and learning all about its history and the structure of castles in general. Our tour guide was amazing! She explained to us all about the structure of the castle, high up to defend against floods and invaders with a wooden bridge that could easily be burned down the only way in, the three families that owned the castle before it was repossessed by the state during the Soviet occupation, and anecdotes and myths about the people that used to live there. One story she told us was about a ghost, the Woman in White, who was the daughter of a nobleman who owned the castle. The Woman in White was married by her father to a man who was noble in title but not in spirit, who abused her for years before asking for forgiveness on his death bed. When she refused, he put a curse on her so that when she died, her soul would be chained to his property and she would be forced to walk between his two castles every day and night for all eternity. We didn’t see the Woman in White, but were told she’s a very nice ghost and if we came back on s cloudy night we might be able to meet her. Tonight was anything but cloudy, though. The sky was so clear that with flash some of my pictures practically looked like they were taken in daylight. Thus, we ended the night under the stars on a terrace overlooking the city, basking in the tranquility of Cesky Rumlov.
~ H. Marie Fogel xoxo

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