Česky Krumlov by Ethan Paff


Today we woke up and got on a bus headed for Česky Krumlov. The bus was nice and we got to watch movies on it. However as soon as I got off the bus my day started to go down hill I got a bloody nose as soon as I off, it wasn’t bad it was just annoying. As we walked into town we noticed that this place looks more like a 16th century town rather than a 21st century town, it was beautiful. After we got into town we went to a restaurant, the food was decent but the service was down right awful. The waitress messed up multiple orders, the food took forever, and some people never even got what they ordered. After that we went to a castle, it was amazing we went on a tour of the place, the tour was great our guide was very knowledgeable of the castle and spoke fairly good English. After the castle we were set free to go and get dinner, five of the other kids and I went out to get food and it was excellent, the food was great and the service was good as well. After dinner we just walked around the town. The highlight of my day was definitely just looking at all the beautiful architecture.

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