Round Two by Anne Turner

  Today we went to New Town. The first and my favorite part of the day was getting to see St. Vitus Cathedral. It was so beautiful. Words cannot describe how amazed and just dumbstruck I was at the architecture even the second time. The gothic architecture was amazing. There were beautiful flying buttresses and lancet windows. I loved the net-vaults on the incredibly tall ceilings and the huge stained glass windows. The entire interior was carefully and intricately decorated. There were also many elaborately decorated tombs within the cathedral. I think my favorite is one with the casket held up by angel statues, with cherubs holding candles, scenes carved on the side, and a cloth held above the entire thing. We then went to golden lane. The medieval weaponry and armor was amazing. Then we had lunch. After lunch we got caught in a rainstorm and made the brave trek to the tram stop. After a short while though the tram stopped and we had to walk to catch over several stops away. Even though we were soaked and missed our free shopping time fighting the rain, it was a lot of fun. 

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