Miner Details by Trevor Cary

Today we went on a day trip to the town of Kuntahora, there we visited the bone church. We visited a big church after lunch and then went on a tour of a silver mine. We learned a lot about the social classes and what the miners did a long time ago. After the silver mine we came back to Prague and had dinner.
 I learned about the Hussite revolution in the 15th century. This revolution was started because the leader of the protestants, Jan Hus, was executed when promised safe travel. This caused mercenary and deeply religious Jan Zizka, to lead the protestants in the Hussite revolution. Jan Zizka won every battle even when he was outnumbered because of his military intelligence. We also learned about miners in Kuntahora, we learned that miners were not the lowest social class. They earned lots of money but they only lived to be a maximum of 35 years old. We also learned that miners and their families lived right next to the mines. We learned about the mint process and what the salary would be the equivalent to in modern days.
 My favorite part of the day was being in the mines because of what we did. We got to sit in the pitch black cave and saw what it would have been like to be a miner. It was also great to see an actual mine and not an exhibit in a museum.
 One thing that surprised me was how taxi’s pick you up. We saw that the way a taxi picks you up is by driving the right two wheels up onto the pavement of the sidewalk. This is very different from US culture because we view driving on the sidewalk as reckless but it is acceptable in the Czech Republic.
 One cultural thing I observed was that many Czech towns try to preserve their past. Americans always tear down older buildings to build new ones and do not care about their past. This shows that the Czech people have a greater appreciation for history.
 One interesting story is from lunch. My table consisted of Ainesh, Hannah, Karalyn, and myself. The table next to us had about a dozen Indian people sitting at it and they had really cute kids. Hannah asked Ainesh if he could teach her how to say that their kids were cute. He told her what he thought the translation into Marati was. She then said that to the man closest to her. Ainesh had told Hannah the wrong phrase so she told the man, who was married, that he liked him and not the she liked the kids. That made all of the Indians laugh and then when they explained to us what happened we laughed also.

From Prague,
 Trevor Cary

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