Kutna Hora by Ethan Paff

First we went on a train to the Kutna  Hora. After we got of the train we walked to the Bone Church and to put it lightly it was creepy. their  were thousands of dead human skeletons in that place and they were all made into different designs. After the bone church we went on a bus to lunch. I had some smoked pork that wasn’t very good. After lunch we went to a medieval silver mine. It was very interesting to see how the minors lived and to learn about how the Czech Republic was in those times. The mine itself was very moist and cramped in certain areas, overall however I enjoyed the time I spent down in the mine, it was very fun. After the mine we headed back to Prague, we had a very nice dinner at a very good restaurant. I had pork ribs( I wanted something else but the waiter misheard me) they were very good and I’m happy I got them. My favorite part of my day was definitely at the mine when we had to walk from the mining tour headquarters on the streets to the mine itself and seeing the looks on people’s faces. I am continuously amazed by the fact I have to pay to use the restroom, it’s not bad however it’s only a few cents in usd.

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