Kutná Hora by Emily Paff

Today we took a train to Kutná Hora where we went and saw the bone church, went in a silver mine, and did some shopping. The bone church was very interesting and probably my favorite part. František Rint was employed to do something with all of the bones that had accumulated after the Black Plague and the Hussite wars and so he decorated the church with the bones since they couldn’t leave the holy ground. We also learned about skull injuries and the difference between fatal and non fatal ones. Mr. Tallman used examples of men that fought in the Hussite war who’s skulls were on display in the bone church. After the bone church we went to another castle and took pictures then headed to the silver mines. They were really interesting but our guide was difficult to understand so I didn’t learn as much as I had hoped. At one point he had us all turn off our head lights and showed us how much light the miners would have had while they were working and it was barley enough to light to see my hand in front of my face. A lot of it was closed off and the part of the tour where we were in the mine was very short. After the silver mines we went shopping for a little, I bought a shirt and got some ice-cream. Then on our way back to the train Mrs. Leake had a graceful fall after she tripped on a piece of cobblestone with a chunk missing. After that we headed back to Prague on the train. I am still amazed at how much public transportation is used and how effective it is. Rarely do you see more than one car go by every few minutes. We have discussed many times on this trip how the United States would be way better If there was wide spread public transportation. 

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