I got sat on again by Kayla Saniga

So this morning we took a tram, the metro, and then a train and to get to the bone church. I thought that it was going to be a church made of bones, but it was still cool and amazing that there was thousands of people buried there. We also learned that a man by the name of Jan Hus never lost a battle. If he was out numbered, not a problem. If he lost an eye, not a problem. If he lost two eyes not a problem. Even when he died he wanted his skin to be made into a drum and continue to lead his troops into battle. Some men than were in his troops were at the bone church. There was a display of a few of them and Mr. Tallman explained what the holes in there skulls were from and if they were fatal. There were axe wounds and spear wounds that you could see healed and on was and entire half of the face sliced off. After the bone church we went to a beautiful castle and took some really cool photos. We also had the silver mine tour there. Down in the silver mines, I think the coolest part was when he made us turn off out lamps and it was completely dark, you couldn’t even see your hand right in front of your face.After the silver mines we had some free time which we used for shopping. On our way to the train Mrs. Leake took a tumble, but I need to learn how to fall from her because it was the most graceful fall i have ever seen. We then proceeded to take a train, another long train a metro and then a tram to go to dinner. Fun story I almost went the whole day without falling but Ethan went to give me a piggy back ride and he couldn’t grab my right leg and so I fell off and then he came down on top of me. So I got sat on again. I didn’t say anything about it yesterday but while taking a photo but long story short Justes sat on me. But overall it was another successful day in Prague.

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