Everyone wanted to be small like me by Anne Turner

  Today we went to Kutnà Hora to see the bone church and silver mines. The bone church became what it is because after the Black Death and the Hussite wars. There were an alarming amount of skeletons and something needed to be done about it. So a guy was hired to do something about it. He decided to decorate the church with them. There’s an estimated 70,000 complete skeletons in the church.
            Next we went to the silver mines. Miners who worked in the mine were required to be 21 years old to work, but most of them were between 17 to 19 years old because they were hired more according to physique and there weren’t really records kept to prove a persons age back then. Miners had an average lifespan of around 30 some years, dying 20 years younger than the average person. This was due to dust getting into their lungs as well as developing poor joints and arthritis from the cramped working conditions. We got to walk through a small portion of the mine, which was really cool. It was amusing to see everyone else, who wasn’t as small as me, duck and struggle through the tighter parts of the tunnel. 

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