Bohemian Rhapsody by Ainesh Shintre

“Is this the real life, is this a blog entry.”  When in Bohemia, listen to Bohemian Rhapsody.  Today begins the first day of our Prague Trip, and a great first day it was.  Today, the group traveled to the Prague Castle, ate lunch at a former monastery now turned brewery, concluding the day with a shopping trip and dinner.

  The transportation system in Prague is top notch.  I love how you can easily travel throughout the city with ease.  The trams and buses connect the city in a very intricate way, like a web.  The people of Prague don’t have to worry about owning a car because transportation is so simple on foot.  There are less cars driving around making Prague a much more enjoyable city to stroll around.  Something very interesting about Prague is how you have to buy water at a restaurant.  Water doesn’t come complementary, it costs money, which was very odd in comparison to the American culture that I have grown up in.  It is also surprising how the people here casually live near so may historically significant buildings and landmarks.
  The Old Town Square we spent the afternoon in was filled with people just enjoying their afternoon, taking a walk, eating gelato, or sightseeing.  On that same soil, Soviet tanks had drove into Prague, to bring it under communist control less than one hundred years ago.  The Prague Castle, the home of royalty and knights, with their armor, gothic architecture and ancient texts, while across the street there may be an H&M, Starbucks or some other modern businesses.  The way that the past of Prague clashes with modern Prague makes this city very unique.  It shows what Prague was,the roots of its people, and how far they have come.

  To end my first blog on a humorous note, this day had many laughs.  One particularly memorable string of events was watching how Mr. Tallman uses a GoPro.  He has a very unique technique of sticking the GoPro in odd locations, dark holes, and fountains, a lot of zooming in and out.  Also, the first souvenir I bought was a brick.  It was a nice brick, and I painted it the colors of the Czech flag.  And so ends the first day of the trip, tomorrow we visit the Bone Church and Silver Mines.  Czech out the blog tomorrow, same time same place.
Reporter Ainesh Shintre Signing Off.aineshbrick
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