Kayla Saniga “Falling Down in the Rain “

We first had to climb up a lot of stairs but it was worth it because the Prague castle tour was breathe taking. The cathedral and the stained glass was my favorite part. The lunch in the monastery was also nice because the weather was nice and we sat outside. Also the fact that we were in an area where the 30 year war started was an interesting fact. Later on we were deciding what to do with our free time but we were a bit interrupted with rain. Well more like a tsunami, but I did ask for it.While we were trying to get shelter from the rain in a Starbucks, I may have wiped out on one of the sidewalks. See I was already soaked so I didn’t mind stepping in a puddle because I thought it would be faster.It ended up being very deep and I lost my balance, but I would’ve been okay if my jacket didn’t get caught on a Segway and take me out. It was a great story when I finally caught up with the group though. Eventually it was nice because we took shelter in the trams. I think the trams are the one thing different about Prague that effects me the most because we use them so much. Through everything we did today, scenery wise the cathedral is my favorite, especially the stained glass windows, but my favorite thing overall is definitely the gelato. A cultural difference is how in Europe in general they don’t tip as much in the US and the fact that water isn’t free, which was surprising. Another thing that I learned aside from the thirty year war was that we shopped in a square where a lot of protests are held. A very important protest too because they didn’t want to say anything and get in trouble they shook there keys as a symbol for freedom as in they wanted to be let free from the Soviet Union.

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