Emily Paff “Water Please”

Today we went and saw the Prague Castle and the cathedral in the morning where we were shown how the 30 years war began then we went and had Czech food and it was amazing. After that we got caught in a crazy rain storm and the trams stopped working so we were caught for almost an hour in the pouring rain. Before dinner Mr. Tallman gave us a history lesson on a main square where many protests were held then we went shopping and had dinner. My favorite part of the day was seeing Kayla fall many times. She stepped in a big puddle got caught on a Segway and fell down while we were attempting to sprint to the Starbucks to avoid the rain. My favorite thing we saw was the stain glass in the cathedral. One of the weirdest things I will have to get used to is that we have to pay for water. Until tonight I didn’t have a bottle to refill and so when I got to eat I would want to drink a lot but then you raalize that you should pace yourself so you don’t drink a lot at once otherwise you will have to pay for more. Or be stuck without water when your food comes. A cultural thing that I found interesting was the tipping in Prague. Normally you don’t leave a tip but if someone is very accommodating you would tip them around 10%. Overall my takeaway from today is that Prague’s architecture is very beautiful and getting caught in the rain is awful but fun at the same time. 

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