Ahoj! Hello! by Justes Kemper

Today is May 31st, and I have enjoyed every minute of our first full day in Prague! The first major event we engaged in was the Prague Castle Tour. We went to the St. Vitus Cathedral and were struck by awe. The stunning stained glass windows took us by surprise. Every corner I looked towards contained some kind of beautiful statue and or detailing. Also within the Prague Castle, we visited the Golden Lane. Way back when, the  Golden Lane was a place where alchemy was practiced. However, this was not the only big event of the day.

After lunch at the monastery, we journeyed down the streets of Prague in an attempt to find some shopping and gelato. This was not as easy as once foreseen. We stumbled upon a torrential downfall which led us to hideout under first a bridge, second a restaurant umbrella, and then finally a Starbucks. In this venture, we had to run through the flooding streets to gain cover. I learned form this that one cannot run from adventure. Embrace difficulties head on and make memories while doing it.

My favorite part of today was by far the stained glass. Nothing I have ever seen before can compare. Something that took me by surprise was the high usage of segways in tourist areas. This was used for tours, transportation, and looking cool. A cultural difference would be the serving size of food. In the USA, I believe the portions are much larger. However, this is not a good or bad thing. Lastly, the funniest part of the day was spinning around in bubbles. Good times and good memories.
Signing off,
J. Anthony Kemper
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