Getting Soaked by Trevor Cary

Today we visited the Prague castle which contains, St. Vitus cathedral, St. Georges basilica, and Golden Lane, we also visited Wenceslas Square, and had lunch at a monastery that was converted into a brewery. After lunch there was a rainstorm that was like a monsoon. Kayla fell down 3 times and Justes fell on her during the last one.
I learned that golden lane is an alleyway of many homes, where many alchemists lived and gave the aroma of smelting gold, giving it that name. Franz Kafka, a famous author, lived in house 22 of the golden lane. I also learned about the second defenestration where the protestants threw a prominent catholic out of a window, causing the 30 years war. We also learned that Wenceslas square was a major rallying point for Czechs to protest during their rich history. For example, during the fall of the Soviet Union everybody shook their keys to represent opening doors while not talking due to fear.
My favorite part was getting soaked on the way to the hotel after eating lunch. It was fun because we had just enjoyed visiting the famous landmarks and then when trying to relax we had to run for cover, it was memorable.
What was very different from the United States was that when you eat a meal, you have to pay if you want to drink water. This shows the cultural difference in businesses in the two cultures. When in public transportation local people talk very quietly. This is very surprising to me because of all the protests by the people in the past wanted free speech and now they are very quiet.

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