Milada Horáková by Lily Kennedy

Milada Horakova was an important figure in the history of the Čzech Republic. She was born on December 25, 1901 in Prague. She attended Charles University in Prague and studied law. After she served on the Prague City Council and joined the Czechoslovak National Socialist Party. This party was a strong opponent of the Nazis. She was arrested by the Nazis afte joining the Čzech underground. She was sent to Tereizen in 1940. She was liberated in 1945 and returned to Prague. She was arrested again in 1949, but this time by the Communists.
She was accused of leading a group to overthrow the Communist regime in Prague. She was tortured to death by strangulation. She died in 1950 Prague. I admire Milada because she stood up for what she believed in, despite the incredible danger she was faced with.

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