Day 4: Kutná Hora by Danny Brooks

Adventures by train, tram, and foot.

Today was a lot of traveling! I saw a lot of the beautiful Czech countryside and while it reminded me like home it stood out as foreign. We traveled an hour by train to Kutná Hora. It was a wonderful town that stood out from the rest. First we visited the bone church. Now, nothing like this can be found in the U.S. If you were to find this, the church would likely be condemned or torn down. It’s like a graveyard above ground. After this shocking church we went to the silver mine. All I can say is claustrophobia on steroids. It was very cool because we experienced total darkish and witnessed first hand how miners worked. You could not experience this in America for the fact that technology was much more advanced in North America at the time. This day was so amazing, I can’t wait til Chesky Krumlov, a fairy tale city.

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