Cassidy Rehrer: Day 4

Today we went to the Bone Church and the Silver Mine. While we were at the bone church we were able to walk around and see everything that was displayed. There were so many bones and skulls it was astonishing. We also had the opportunity to light candles while we were in the church to honor people. I thought that was a cool idea to let us be involved with the Bone Church. After the Bone Church we got Ice Cream and went to the Silver Mines. At the Silver Mines we got to learn how the people dug the mines back in the day and how slow the process was. When we were walking underground through the tunnels it was cool to think about how long it would have taken the minors to make all of the tunnels. Some of the tunnel was tall and wide while other parts of it were short and narrow. This was cool to try to maneuver through the tunnels while trying to look at different details. At the end of the Silver Mine we walked back to the train station and slept on the train while coming home. We then went to dinner where I had my most delicious meal of the trip and we had a lot of fun!! I am looking forward to leaving Prague tomorrow to go to another place where they have lots of great places to shop!

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