Day 3: The Prague Castle by Danny Brooks

Day 3, a day which topped the last. A day with miles of walking, tons of fun, and memories made. First we began with an urban hike to New Town again. It was just as amazing in the day as it was at night. All day we walked, trammed, metroed, and strolled around the historical center of New Town. First we went into the ornate St. Vitas Cathedral which helped me to appreciate the depth of history in this one place. After that we ventured to the St. George Basilica next door and it creates the same effect of awe and wonder. This is a site which puts you back when you see it. It isn’t that we don’t have them in the U.S. but sites like this are sparse in the states and it honestly brings a sense of wonder when in its walls. After that, we trekked to many other sites mounting up to a visit to a monastery where we had lunch. The food again was refreshing and the water there was plentiful! After that we traveled down to a bustling square met some friends, more Americans! This day was eventful and unbelievable, I can’t wait for the next.

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