Day 3: Jaw Dropping Cathedral and People Elbowing Sophia Wood

Today was the most fascinating day I have had in Prague so far. After we all woke up and ate breakfast, we headed on the tram towards the Castle of Prague.The walk up to the castle was steep and long, but the view was absolutely worth it. After taking a few photos of the view, we all headed into the actual castle. Inside the castle existed an ornate and jaw dropping cathedral called St. Vitus. I was lucky enough to have stuck around with Mrs. Tallman and Maddie during our tour, who were able to feed information into me about all the history and beauty of the cathedral. I was speechless when I walked into the cathedral and saw the reflecting stained glass windows and the flawless details on every single wall. Something I found amazing was that Mrs. Tallman said that she had been to the cathedral many times, and each time she found something new she had never noticed before. After being able to experience this amazing building, our group headed outside and into the Old Royal Palace where royalty used to hold their parties and balls. The building contained a few rooms, a huge ballroom, and a view like no other. We soon had lunch, exchanged our dollars into crowns, and went to a center where we were let free to shop and look around. After that, we went back to our rooms, got freshened up, and left to go have dinner and shop some more! While wandering around Prague, a cultural characteristic that I found quite surprising was the Europeans use of no personal space. People were pushing me, elbowing me, and standing right next to me without saying a word to me about it. This is quite different from America in that it is not extremely normal to be so close to people all the time. Even though today was exhausting and made my feet hurt the most they have ever hurt, I am so excited to see what else Prague has in store for us.

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