Day 2: Terezín Fortress by Sophia Wood

Czech culture and history is extremely fascinating and we spent a good amount of our second day here learning about it. We all woke up, ate breakfast, and got moving onto the subway and onto another bus so we could get on our way to Terezin, a Nazi prison camp. The first part of the camp that we visited was Terezin’s small fortress. In the small fortress, we saw things like former Gestapo prison cells and the showers that the prisoners used. We were also able to visit the big fortress of Terezin where the Ghetto museum was located, as well as the crematorium. We visited both and got to learn a lot of information from the museum, despite the fact that most of it was in Czech. When we visited the crematorium, I couldn’t help but just be overwhelmed by the fact that so many people were killed in there. The whole camp was pretty upsetting to visit but extremely interesting. Once we were done visiting the camp, we headed back on a bus and on the train to our rooms and got ready for dinner and for a long search for gelato that was never really successful. Something interesting that I noticed about Czech culture was something that Mrs. Tallman told us about. The people in Czech find it rude and arrogant when you don’t greet them with a “Hello” or “Good Morning”, even if you don’t know them. A difference between the culture and Prague and the culture in the U.S. that we all really noticed was how open Prague is about their concentration camp and the things that occurred in it.

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