Day 2: Terezín and Roasted Duck by Danny Brooks

Today we went on the longest walk yet! We saw so many things. After an early start we headed by bus to the Jewish Concentration camp, Terezín. It was quite shocking and honestly made me think about home. It evoked the recollection of years of oppression by nations including ours. Not only was it a call back to the oppression of freedom in Europe but in America. The same treatment happened to Japanese residents in the U.S., but not quite as extreme. After the sobering venture, we came back for dinner. We went to a restaurant that serves traditional Czech meals. All I can say is one word: fantastic. The meal I had was roasted duck with red cabbage and after I was done with it, I felt great. Unlike some or most meals in the U.S. it didn’t weigh on my stamina, but rejuvenated me rather than tired me. I loved the meal and couldn’t have asked for more. The next location that we went to after dinner was the New Town. This was like something from movies. It was very peaceful and clean with a fairy tale feeling to it. It was magnificent at the least and just gave you a warm feeling in your stomach. Finally after experiencing this wonder we went back to our hotel and relaxed… well really passed out.

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