Day 2: Imagine the Horror in Terezín by Lily Kennedy

Today was our second day in Prague! We traveled to a concentration camp in a neighboring town. The group took a one hour bus ride through beautiful landscapes. We arrived in Terezín, a town with a concentration camp from World War II. It was amazing to tour the entire structure, seeing all of the small cells that the prisoners were restrained in. Considering that our tour group of 30 people was cramped in those cells shows us how terrible it would have been for the 80-100 Jews who would have been crammed in there. This experience makes me value my freedoms even more. Next we visited a museum filled with children’s art. These children were those in the camps and the ghettos all around the area during the war. We also visited the crematorium. This was a solemn place because we stood in the exact place where thousands of people died. After Terezín, the group took a trip back to the Old Town in Prague where we saw large churches and street performers. After crossing the St. Charles Bridge, we arrived in New Town, which was upbeat and alive, even at 10:00 p.m. We finished the night taking the tram through the illuminated city back to the hotels.

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