Day 2: The Reality that Textbooks Don’t Teach by Maddie Bratton

Ahoj! Day 2 was a bit of a hard one to take in. We traveled to Terezín Concentration Camp. When I was a child or even in middle school, I was always horrified by hearing how things went down at the concentration camps. However, once you step foot inside a concentration camp, you have a whole new outlook on the situation and are 10 times more horrified by the circumstances they actually lived in. We learned many things that they do not teach in a classroom or textbook. It was unsettling and haunting but overall a great experience. It helped me to understand that I have a lot to be grateful for and that my problems are very minimal. One thing I found interesting about the city is that Czech people are very appreciative of American’s efforts to speak their language or imitate their culture. Something about Prague’s culture that is very different than America’s is that the people are many decibels quieter than the average American, and when you put 18 American’s on a bus with a bunch of czechs, the American’s stand out a lot and are VERY loud, even though we don’t even realize it until the Czech’s are giving us annoyed/ dirty looks for shouting our conversations.

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