Czech Life by Anmol Sahi

Today we got a full grasp of the Czech life. We got to feel how it was in the day in the life for them. We went to a concentration camp today and I learned a whole lot of information and got to see what the bunks and everything looked like. Movies dont show how bad they camps are. From there we went and saw the ghetto and then headed back to Prague where we went on a night hike and explored Old Town, the nightlife is a lot more laid back rather than back home, everyone is calm, and nobody is in a rush. Back home we don’t appreciate what we have, out here its a whole different ball game. We rely on certain things which people here don’t bother worrying about they just want to have fun.  Prague has changed my view on how to live, has taught me to stay calm and never be in a  hurry just go with the flow.

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