Cassidy Rehrer: Day 2

 Today we went to the concentration camp in Tarazín. While we were at the camp we saw many different types of living areas the people in the camps had to live with. The sadest thing I learned while I was at the camp was that the rooms with a few bunk beds were filled with 60-100 people. These people would die of diseases which would spread quickly because so many people lived so close. After we were at the camp we went to two museums. At the museums my favorite thing to look at where the kids drawings that were hung. These drawings were drawn by the children who were in the camp. By each picture there was a description that said their name and if they survived or not. That night we all went to dinner together and walked a bridge at night with the amazing lights. The things you could see from the bridge were amazing and beautiful. We then went on a long search for ice cream until we were to tired and came back to our hotels to get some rest.  


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