Day 1: Every Drop of Water Counts! by Maddie Bratton

Today, after what seemed like a never ending flight, we finally made it to Prague! First we trekked through Amsterdam and hungout in the airport for five hours. Then, we landed in Prague and learned how to successfully travel around the city via bus, metro and tram- which was surprisingly very easy to figure out. Then we walked through Wenceslas Square and briefly learned a bit about the history of communism in Prague. After that, we made our way to the mall for dinner, watched a few street performers and then went back to the hotel for a sleep much needed! One thing about the culture that was very different from ours is that in Prague, you’re expected to pay for water. This came as a surprise to our whole dinner table as we savored every drop in the bottle. We realized we take for granted that we get water for free in the states– from now on we’ll drink every last drop of our free water back home! One thing I found interesting about the culture in Prague is that every European whether they were in the airport or just walking along the street, was for the most part dressed very presentable and had a great taste for fashion- whether they were male or female! Having members of a city looking presentable and good all the time makes the city look that much more beautiful- good job Czechs!

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