Day 1: Cigarette Smoke Everywhere by Sophia Wood

Our first day in Prague was exhausting and felt very long. We started our day off by hopping on our seven hour flight from Chicago to Amsterdam. Our flight was long but was kept interesting by a French woman who liked to make conversation. She was sitting next to me and Lily and spoke no English but somehow we communicated with her and learned some interesting things. When we got to Amsterdam, we all split up and grabbed food and waited for a few hours to get on our plane to Prague! When we arrived, we got our luggage and headed to our “apartments” where we then freshened up, went to the center to eat, and then came back and crashed in our beds. Something I found interesting about the culture was how normal smoking was. There are smoking areas everywhere and it seemed as if everyone was smoking around us. A cultural difference between Prague and the U.S. that I noticed in our one day of being here is that everyone seems like they have somewhere to be. Their lifestyle is really quick and there is no time to waste.

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1 Response to Day 1: Cigarette Smoke Everywhere by Sophia Wood

  1. Sheri says:

    So proud of you, my little jetsetter! Maybe you should wear a surgical mask for all of the cigarette smoke! 😆

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