Zach Kulkin: Day One

This past day or should I say two, has been transcendental for me. Starting at my early six o clock departure from San Diego to the last stretch of the day: the trek back to the hotel room. This journey has shed light on both significant cultural differences, and mutual cultural appreciations. A primary difference is the perceived lowered volume of conversations, to quote lemony snicket “the world is quiet here”. This difference has brought to my attention the true volume my group and I personally speak at, and if I may say so it is to an excess. One significant cultural appreciation, although vain sounding, was simply my first lunch in Europe on this trip. Where in a group of my closest compadres and split a baguette, some olive oil, and some of the finest cheese the Amsterdam airport has to offer. The comradery was electrifying, and the meal simple but delectable.This truly and wholly encompasses my journey to the Czech Republic as of late. God bless and goodnight.


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