Cassidy Rehrer: Day 1

Today was a long day full of great new experiences. The flight was very long but once we arrived in Prague everyone was ready for some fun!! Once we received our bags, all 18 of us tried to quickly get on a bus. (Thankfully we all made it on the bus safely). After that I experienced my first Metro ride. This was a lot easier than I thought it could be and we moved very fast. When we got off of the Metro we got on a tram which took us to our hotels. After we got settled into our hotel rooms, we took a trip to a shopping plaza with food. We ate dinner, shopped, and bonded with each other while we were there.  While we were at dinner we learned that water was NOT free and you could not get a cup of it. Our table had to pay for two big glass bottle of water to split between all 8 of us. This is something I never thought about while living in America. Water has always been free to me and easy to excess, but I never thought that it could be different for other people. Something neat about Prague’s culture was that you can easily access things because of the convenient transportation. My favorite part of the day was actually arriving in Prague and seeing all of the amazing architecture on the buildings.  Today was a great day but it was long and tiring while traveling on the planes. I am looking forward to getting a good nights rest tonight and going to the concentration camp tomorrow. 


 Cassidy and Karalyn on the plane. 

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