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Noah Fontaine. #1

Today we went to the Sedlec Ossury, which is a bone church located beneath the cemetery church in Sedlec. We also went to the old silver mines also located in Sedlec, they were very old and share a lot of history. What we also saw today was an old church built in the 13th century.

The bone church is decorated with human bones, which includes a chandelier, and many other designs, and piles made into geometric shapes using these bones. The church now contains bones of about 40,000 people.

The first part of the silver mine was a 6 story staircase going down to the mine where there was a series of small caverns. They described the life of a miner and also displayed the mining equipment used back when the mine was functioning.

Another place we visited was an old church, I’m not sure what it was called, but that doesn’t mean i wont remember it, it was quite amazing. even though we didn’t actually go inside this church, it was still a wonderful sight, and experience from the outside.

My favorite part of our adventures was the silver mine. It was the most interesting thing to me, because of its vast amount of information. The mine had many stories to tell that could be pictured when inside.

Americans and Czechs are raised in different environments, have different traditions, and social norms. These things show a difference in the way we interact, and our personalities overall.

A story today from today: A fictional story about Stephen Verde. We were walking down the street when stephen saw a frog, the frog looked at him and said “boy, if you kiss me i will turn into a beautiful princess”  Stephen picked up the frog, smiled at it, and put the frog into his pocket. A few minutes later, the frog said, “Boy, if you kiss me and turn me back into a beautiful princess, I will stay with you for 3 days.” Stephen took the frog from his pocket, smiled at it, then put it back into his pocket. A few minutes later, the frog said, “Boy, if you kiss me and turn me back into a beautiful princess, I will do ANYTHING you want! ” Stephen took the frog from his pocket, smiled, and put it back. Finally, the frog cried, “Boy, what is the matter, I have told you that I am a beautiful princess, and if you kiss me, I will stay with you and do ANYTHING you want!” Stephen took the frog from his pocket and said, “Look, I am painter, i don’t have time for a love life, but a talking frog is cool.” And then placed the frog into his pocket.

Noah Fontaine. #2

We first visited a castle in Prague, its history goes as far back as the year 900. This castle mainly functioned as a cathedral. This is the largest medieval castle in Europe, which also makes it the top tourist attraction in the city. This was easily my favorite part.

After a large brake and many different small stops, we made it to our second major visit of the day, the opera. The opera might not have been my favorite 1 out of two, but i still had a great visit. The play was romantic, it had a few funny parts which almost made it a comedy. The building that the opera was in was magnificent, it had a lot of artsy objects and a great color scheme.

A story from today: A fictional story about Rachael Yemc. Today Rachael was walking down the street and just randomly stopped. She stopped to pick up a stick laying on the sidewalk. Rachael liked this stick, so she kept it and carried it around for most of the day. As the day went on things began to get weird, by the time it was 6:30 pm there were 30 pigeons, 9 dogs, and a baby giraffe following us around wherever we went. Rachael didn’t know why, and neither did anyone else. Then around 7 pm a ninja jumped out of no where and started attacking us, Rachael then raised the stick she had been carrying for defense, and when she did this all of the animals that were following her went after the ninja, and killed him.
So today Rachael found a magical stick, and we all got to witness it.    

Noah Fontaine. #3

Today we went to a place called Terezin. The main focus for people here is the Museum of the Ghetto. the building now has displays including original works of art from the ghetto and a big explanation of the way Terezín was used to fool people into passing the nazi’s treatment of the Jews.

After this we went to the town square in Prague. Here we just split into groups and went sight seeing, and also went around shopping for souvenirs. It was a fun ending to a visit at a place with a tragic history.

Even though it wasn’t the happiest place, i still enjoyed our visit at Terezin. I learned a lot, and i was surprised by what actually happened at this place decades ago.

A story from today: Today is a fictional story about Channing’s dream the night before. Once upon a time lived a happy little person by the name of Channing. Channing one day decided to climb to the top of the great mountain of sploosh to find a dragon. So she left for this adventure with her pal, Andi. Along the way they decided to steal a golden ring from a guy named Stephen. They met many different creatures on the way such as elves, giraffes, and even a man made out of candy who they made fun of. She finally reached the mountain of sploosh, and she climbed to the top, but the dragon was there and he threw them into his lava pool. Since it was her dream, it didn’t hurt and she was still alive. After this they hiked back home, but they saw the  man made out of candy, he was mad, so he killed Stephen.
This is the end of channing dream.

Noah Fontaine #6

Today was our last day of tourism in Prague, to start off the end to our trip we visited a synagogue in the city. It was built in the 1200’s, and was a gothic type of structure. We didn’t get to go inside the synagogue, but we walked around the outside, and peeked through spaces in the walls surrounding while our proctors told us some fun facts about the buildings. After this we took a break to eat lunch and enjoy other parts of the city. After all of this we went to the inside of a massive clock tower, and even climbed to the top. This structure was also very old, it was built in the 1400’s. My favorite part was the clock tower, mainly because of its amazing view.

A story from today: Today is a non fictional story about Stephen Verde. After a failed attempt to get a temporary tattoo of another member of the group ( Frannie ) Stephen decided to buy a ring and propose to Frannie at the restaurant we were eating at for dinner. So what he did was first catch the attention of everyone there, and then started with a short speech followed by his proposal with a ring. Frannie embarrassingly said “yes”.


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