Prague Castle by Frannie Eisenhauer

Today in prague, we woke up to eat before departing for the “castle.” There, we walked up a flight of stairs to reach the enclosed tourist area. We took lots of pictures because the view at the top of the stairs was beautiful! Afterwards, we toured a cathedral, some shops and museums, and a ballroom. We had a lot of free time to walk and buy souvenirs. For lunch, I went to a pizza place where an elderly couple served us and it was very tasty. After we were done near the castle, we took a tram back to our hotel area. There, Fiona, Millz, and I went grocery shopping for fresh fruit and snacks. It was fun to walk around the city on our own. After that, we all got ready for the opera. We walked a bit and then took a tram to the national theater. The opera had a lot of fun dancing and circus acts in it. I would call it a “romantic comedy with some drama.” After the opera, we took the tram back to the city and got some pizza. I’m surprised by the size of the city and its beauty. The small cobblestones are my favorite to look at, walk on, and take pictures of. 

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