Day Three! by Blair Arnell

We started out the day on a somber note by visiting the Terezin Concentration camp. This was extremely eye opening and I constantly had chills. We went into the crematory, which still had the smell of death and blood stains on the concrete. A survivor was showing people around and he still had numbers tattooed on his arm. It’s crazy to think of that camp full of starving suffering people being treated in inhumane ways. We then had the best night of our trip in Old Town starting out with THE most delicious Italian food I may have ever had and then going on to exploring the city with everyone’s excitement level at an all time high. Stephen and Frannie were dancing and singing “The Bae” song, which attracted many stares.  Overall, this topped last night as the best night of the trip and all of us are getting extremely sad that the trip is nearing its end. 

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