Camp to Castle by Brad Nygren

New day, new adventure. We started at about 10 AM and we took a bus to a old holocaust work camp. The camp name was Tarazin and it included a small fortress where a large amount of the jews were kept in during the Holocaust but before it became a work camp it was a very defensive fort that could be protected against most invaders. Inside the camp we saw the living conditions of the people who were kept there and also while outside the fort went through some museums and saw the history of the people who were there. After visiting Tarazin we returned to Prague at around Dinner time and we were given some money to eat and allowed to see around an old Prague square where we saw the Astronomical clock and also got the see St. Charles Bridge at night which had an enchanting view of the Prague castle which was perfectly lite to look like a fairy tale cathedral surrounded by the walls of the castle it was a very beautiful sight to see.


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