Tired but Tough by Channing Scott

Today in Prague, we left the hotel at 8 a.m. to catch two trains and a “metro”(subway) to reach the bone church in Kutna Hora. The ride was about an hour, and I fell asleep. After the church visit we ate lunch, and lots of gelato. I tried some spinach and cheese pancakes that were a lot like crepes. Also I had some strawberry and chocolate gelato. Yum! Later we took pictures around the cathedral and took a tour of the silver mines. The town was very pretty and the mines were damp, dark, and narrow. These past few days, I have learned to travel quickly and safely in a large group. I am trying my best to learn the Czech language and love practicing by saying hello-“dobry den”- to passing civilians. Sometimes they say hello back. My favorite part of today was the beautiful weather and chances to travel on different forms of transportation, including our feet. The balance of new and old cultures here really surprises me. I feel as if I am in the past, but in another world. I am still a bit jet lagged, and fell asleep on every train ride and at every place we stopped, so I’m excited to go to sleep!

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