Silver Mine Panda by Stephen Verde

 I was woken by the early alarm to take a quick shower before breakfast , after my shower I dressed and then headed down to breakfast with Noah and Austin. The spread was cold meats bread and sweet pastries. We then met  in the lobby and headed to the bone church in another city. We shuffled off the train slowly at first but soon had to adjust to rapid pace of Mr. Tallman as he sped across the cobbled streets to our sacred destination. The bone church was intracitely decorated with the skeletal remains of many ancient dead.  We were given time to look around and take in the lavish decerations of the bone church. The skeletal displays were left as we went to our lunch reservation. On a full stomach of traditional Czech food the group went underground to the narrow silver mines. After claustrophobia had worn off it was time to head back to Prague for a wonderful dinner.  I learned the historical signifigance of the burial system for the bone church, that Mr. Tallman is faster than me, and how silver was mined and minted in the medieval age. My favorite part was the silver mines, it was something I had never experienced before. I was surprised by the absence of large cars and speed limit signs. I saw a live panda in the silver mines, it just ate bamboo and stared at me. 

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