Lenik Zaranski Second Blog

Today in Praha we saw the castle but more importantly saw the stain glass in the castle church. After that, we got to eat lunch on our own and I “ate” a really gross hamburger and a really delicious cookie. Later, we want back to the hotel and had freetime and ate dinner on our own where me and brad found this awesome pizza place that had a whole pizza for 155 crowns or like 8$! Then we went to the opera which was cool but long and ended the night with all the girls getting some pizza because they skipped dinner to get all fancy. I learned that it is culture for performers to bow like 800000000 times after the proformance? My favorite part must have been the pizza or sitting next to Frannie during the play even though she slept through some of it lol. The cobble stone is awesome and I wish we had it everywhere in the us. Don’t worry though brad and I will pick up many chek chicks through the teachings of Mr. Tallman and Ms Ryan.


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